Workshop and Training


  1. Repairs to all makes of Pumps
  2. A job card is created on all pumps that are in for repair.
  3. Pumps are stripped and a quotation goes out to the customer on the repairs with a job card number for easy tracking once in the system.
  4. Once the customer gives us the go-ahead, the pumps are sandblasted if necessary or cleaned before assembly.
  5. The Pumps are reassembled with Genuine Parts.
  6. After reassembly the pumps are put on our Test Bed to check for leaks and to make sure that the Flows and Discharge Pressures meet their specific duty points.
  7. The Pumps are then re-sprayed and ready for dispatch.
  8. Please note if  Pumps haven’t been given the go-ahead or collected within a 3 month period they will be sold to defray expenses.



Pump Training:

We run a Training program, where we train your staff on the repairs of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, Submersible Pumps, close coupled Centrifugal Pumps and Vertical Booster Pumps.

Firstly they are trained in the Training Centre, on how to maintain their pumps for optimal life, how to install a pump correctly and how to read a parts list properly and the correct terminology for when it comes to ordering the specific spares needed.

They are given Lunch and drinks and then proceed to the workshop for hands on training, where they themselves will strip a pump and reassemble under supervision by the training Supervisor, until all candidates are up to speed.
The Pumps will be tested on the Test bed as per the workshop procedure.

Should you want to send any of your personnel for training, please press the Click Here button and forward us their correct Names and ID Numbers for Certificates, for successfully completing the required maintenance and rebuilding of Pumps program.

The Training course last a full day starting at 8:30am and finishing at 4:00pm at a cost of R 350-00 per candidate, which covers their food, drinks and training literature.

Courses run usually on a Thursday twice a month and you will be contacted for the best day that would suit your needs for their absence.